Leaders in Mast Photography

Mast photography from Cloud Nine Images is a high quality, cost effective alternative to elevated photography which previously might have utalised helicopters, light aircraft or drones.

Indeed the flexibility of Mast technology ensures a superb result where conditions might be unsuitable for other forms of delivery.  Taking just minutes to erect, our agile, professional equipment allows for quick movement around large sites without the need for vehicle access.

A high resolution camera, which is controlled remotely by our professional photographer at ground level, captures a 360 degree view of the target premises producing a unique aerial perspective.

Property Marketing: Residential & Commercial

Elevated images delivered by mast photography are widely used by residential property agents. Professionals recognise that displaying a property to its full potential helps to a quicker and more profitable sale by ensuring stand-out in a highly competitive sector.

From a commercial property perspective, an elevated image adds an innovative dimension to marketing material and is able to communicate not only the premises but  the wider environment and infrastructure like service roads, parking and the general neighbourhood.

Property Maintenance

Mast photography has brought cost efficiency and convenience to property maintenance companies.

Where once expensive scaffolding might have been installed to enable the inspection of roofing and guttering, now mast photography can be commissioned at a fraction of the cost and enables a much more comprehensive survey of the property.

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